Clothes Pins on Line

Line Drying Clothes in Winter

It’s amazing the things you learn out of necessity. Our dryer hasn’t been working the best lately, which means I never seem to get caught up on our laundry. Oh, did I mention we have a six-month-old baby? While I’m ahead, I might as well make things even more exciting and add that we use cloth diapers. You better believe laundry is a big deal around here.

Clothes Drying on the Line

Yesterday was in the mid-to-high fifties, so I decided to put our cloth diapers on the clothesline. The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze, so I figured even if they only partially dried at least my dryer wouldn’t have such a hard time trying to get all the inserts dry. I wasn’t able to get outside until two o’clock, but when I brought them inside at six I was amazed at how dry they felt. There were only a couple that still needed to go back into the dryer.

Today was supposed to be colder with a high of 42 degrees. Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I did a quick google search to find out if I could “line dry clothes outside in winter.” I was amazed to discover it was indeed possible! Not only was I able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, but I may finally be able to get caught up on all our dirty laundry. Plus, the sight of our clothes (or diapers) flapping in the wind on a sunny day fills me with a certain kind of contentment I don’t typically get when I’m using our dryer.